National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day


Good morning people!

Today is a very important day, not just for the people I happen to be talking to in this blog, but for everyone. Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day! It’s celebrated every Feb. 7!

It is the day to promote HIV testing and to promote the awareness of the impact HIV/AIDS has on the black community and it is very important because of all other ethnic groups, African Americans are the hardest hit!

I am particularly interested in this years theme, which is “I am my brothers/sisters keeper”. This was also a motto used by my high school and was probably one of the reasons we, as a high school, were so close as a community!

I cannot stress enough how important this is people, especially for the gay community because not only are African Americans most affected, African American gay men are at the top of the list!

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 African American gay men are infected annually! This needs to be placed under control and it starts with us! Yes, we need to make sure we “wrap it up” but we still need to get tested! You cannot trust anyone but yourself!

Here are a few numbers to see and to help those who may have it make the right decision:


This is your lives we are talking about here people! Don’t take it too soon if you don’t have to! Cornelius Boggs is HIV negative as of February 6th 2013!


For those of you that have it! There is help coming from every direction for you from family to support groups! We are here for you!

Peace and blessings to you all!


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