Now Andy, you know that’s wrong!


Good morning everyone!

Today’s topic will start with Sir Anderson Cooper, someone I love very much not only because he is one of the well-known gossip queens in the business but also because of his willingness to be honest about who he is to the world!

Now I can go on and on about Mr. Coopers wonderful attributes and how cute he is lol but I actually must shame him for one of his confessions!

Recently, he revealed that when he was younger, 12 being the age he remembered, he used to go on dates with girls in hopes of getting closer to their brothers. He even confessed that the girls were actually hoping that he was interested but there was no chance.

Now I have a problem with this, but not with Anderson because he was only 12, but with the other Andys out there who are not so adolescent! There are a lot of men out there who are not only leading women along but they are having their children, causing these women to devote their lives to an unworthy relationship. But the most hurtful thing, is that they are cutting these women’s lives short by introducing disease into their lives as well!

Fellas, this is wrong! As I have stated before, I understand how harsh society can be but lying and being just has harsh to others is not the right way to handle it! Y’all will have to start making a choice…either BE WHO YOU ARE SCARED OF or stay hidden! However, if you choose to stay hidden, then that’s what you must do because its not fair to the woman or the children who have been led to believe one thing but have then been forced to deal with another!

Definitely something to think about, if this pertains to you!

Peace and blessings all!


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