So how did you turn gay?


Good morning all!

I hope you had a goodnight sleep because I sure didn’t! I had the weirdest dream and you know how it can be when dreams feel just a little bit too real!

Anyway, today’s topic is also a very common topic of discussion. The issue of “turning” gay is something that my generation struggles with on the regular basis! I say that it’s mostly my generation because the generation before me kept it hidden all their lives and I have a feeling that he generation after me will be just fine with being themselves.

Let me just clear the air here, YOU DO NOT TURN GAY!! Geesh! Lol

Now although I am a scientist, I am not fully knowledgable about whether it is genetic or not but I do know that I and just about every gay friend I have, has been gay all of our lives. We did not just wake up one morning and decide that we wanted to try something new!

Now many people would say, “But my son/daughter/brother/sister used to date boys/girls”. Yeah and? How quickly we forget that people not only lost their families because of being honest about their sexuality, but their lives as well. That’s why people wouldn’t speak out. And yes, we joke about the fact that getting straight boys is so easy, and believe me it’s not easy, that’s work lol but they only thing we do is assist them in making a decision that they’d struggled with for quite sometime my dears!


Haha to ⬆⬆⬆ because that’s precisely what you THINK it’s like! #sb

I remember my mom used to get really mad at my hispgh school because she felt that it turned me gay and I would laugh so hard because she told me she already knew I was gay so I truly feel that blaming my school made it easier for her. So if that’s the case for some others, that’s fine, choose to blame what and whomever you want but don’t bring it to us because we really don’t want to hear it!

Much love and my daily dose of Peace and Blessings to you all!


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