Self-proclaimed Russian Hypocrits!



Happy Monday everyone!

Yes I know it’s Monday but lets be thankful for everyday we have and ever Monday we get to see! So today I want to call out Russia for their horrid actions and simple-minded response to the gay community in their country!

Don’t you know that are developing, if its not already complete, new actions to SPECIFICALLY band gays from joining the military?! They are conducting body searches for tattoos that may “appear” gay! Wait, it gets better. They will also be asked about their sexual history, whether they have a girlfriend, and whether it is important for her to be faithful!

☝Are you kidding me?!

And get this, these guidelines where issued my the Defense Ministry! I’m sorry but the actions are immature and RACHET! Tell me why a man has to get that personal to protect your ass?

They are also banning all gay propaganda because they don’t want it to have any influence on minors! Another ridiculous idea!

Now when people staged a protest, they were met with violence from”self-identified”members of the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH! Yes, I said church! Basically, they were happy to be committing such acts of violence!

I’m ashamed that this is the world I live in! No, I’m not Russian, but I am human, apart of the same human race they are, made in the same image they were made in!

How can you call yourself a church official! And on top of that, I guarantee you, half of those self-proclaimed members are the biggest Hypocrits this world has ever known!

As for my Russian family (Russian gays), my hearts go out to you, your family, and your supporters! This really makes me sick to my stomach and I would hope it did the same for others! Yes, I’m very passionate about self-proclaimed ignorance and hatred! Especially hypocritical hatred and ignorance!

Peace and Blessings to you all!


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