Sunday’s Supporter: Ed Koch 1924-2013

Good Morning Everyone!

So everybody I know has a special post on a specific day of the week and so of course I have to institute it into my blog as well. So every Sunday I’m going to shout out one of the activist in the public eye that have worked to get us, homosexuals and lesbians, the rights we deserve.

It is only befitting that I shout out former NY Mayor, Ed Koch!


Mr. Koch introduced the first federal bill to outlaw the discrimination based on sexual orientation!

One of his first announcement as mayor was a ban on this discrimination in all city agencies. He boasted of appointing gay judges. He was also the first mayor to march in a Gay Pride march (back before it was the full parade it is today)!

I do and will always appreciate the leaders that have helped make life a little easier!

Also, can anybody give me a catchy name for these post lol? Like it will be every Sunday but I can’t think of what to call them. Comment your ideas if your have any!


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