“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make!” Jane Goodall

Happy Saturday all!

So today I want to shout out one very inspirational person but I would also like to make a tragedy known, in case it is not known already.


Meet David Bryant Smith! I think his story is wonderful and is a sign that you can do and be anything you set your mind to.

“I remember being called UGLY, dumb & having enemies say “BITCH, you ain’t gotta chance” . Well the Man y’all see here is Handsome, SMART & a GO-GETTER. Remember when some of y’all said I wasn’t gonna make it doing what I love? Well this boy is now a Finalist for Americas Next Top Model Cycle 20 Boys&Girls and I’m blessed. I’ve come a Long way from being insecure to Loving myself & Body because I define me. I wanna Thank my dad Timothy Riley-Daniels for bringing the Best out of me with these cutting edge PHOTOs & I wanna thank Mikke Wilson for being my biggest supporter. You came with me and stayed by my side from day 1. Love both of y’all & thank GOD for being there 24/7 & to everyone who wished me luck, THANK YOU. #SWERVE & watch me work ♥” -David Bryant Smith

His confidence and aspirations are what keep him going every day! Take note because I most certainly will!

Now I would like you to meet 15 year old Jadin Bell


Jadin is a native of Le Grande, Oregon who tried to hang himself in an elementary school playground because he was fed up with the anti-gay bullying! However, he didn’t succeed and was rushed to the hospital and put on life support. Last week doctors said they doubt he will make it.

This really hurts my heart. People we have to do something MORE about this bullying, primarily, we have to STOP! If you bully people, stop taking out your shortcomings on other people!
As for Jadin and the many others like him, I am most certainly praying for you and your families but I would also like you to STOP! Stop allowing people to take you to the point of no return! It’s not worth it! What do you prove by taking your lives? Not only have you hurt yourself, but the many, many people who love you!

Many times ppl feel like if mom and dad don’t love me, I have nothing to lose! Not true! I GUARANTEE you that someone loves you! And believe me, it’s all the reason you need to be you! You may not know who at first but they are there! “The unexamined life is not worth living” -Socrates. Basically, live a little honey! Its your life! Just be yourself and be patient!

Peace and Blessings!


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