“Dad, I’m bisexual”


Good  afternoon people!

Ok so this topic is one that I think is really important because of the controversies that come with it from every angle!

Now many people would suggest that there is no such thing as bisexual and that MALES who say that is just plain gay. Not to say that I am trying to back up everyone in the world that says they are bi but people really should get off off their backs! Please tell me why someone else’s sexuality and personal life should concern you? Why do you care whether they are gay, straight, or bi? Many times, the main excuse is that bisexuals want to “have their cake and eat it too”. Well, I am just as tired of hearing about it as they are and I’m not even bi! What does someone else’s personal preferences have to do with you? It IS possible for someone to like men and women. More importantly, it is possible for men to like both sexes.

As for the many people who do claim bisexuality, come on y’all? I’m sorry but many of you are lying! It always ends up the same way…”Dad I’m bisexual” and with that said you hope that he will be more accepting because there is still a 50% chance that you will be with a women/girl. Now you and I both know that’s not true! You have absolutely no interest in the opposite sex and I know it’s not your fault, society says that it’s easier to deal with but all it does is keep you uncomfortable guys!

WHO CARES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK?! How many of these critics helped you through school? How many of them played that sport for you when you couldn’t? How many of them walked across that graduation stage with you? How many of them pay your bills? How many of them will determine where you go in life?

Those were just some of the questions you should consider because someone else’s happiness cannot make you happy!

Yes it is easier to tell Dad your bisexual but it is more rewarding for the both of you to know that you are gay. You will never know what he feels about it, and therefore be happy, until you just let it be known!

Take it from me, give your parents the benefit of the doubt! You might be surprised! 😉😊


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